Domenica, 23 Settembre 2018

Provincial govt chief arrested in ILVA steel plant probe


Taranto, May 15 - The president of the Taranto
provincial government, Giovanni Florido, was arrested on
Wednesday for alleged involvement in an environmental scandal at
the troubled ILVA steel plant in southern Italy.
Florido of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) is
suspected of corruption for allegedly granting favours that
enabled ILVA to break environmental regulations.
Three other people were also arrested on Wednesday in
relation to a probe entitled 'Environment Sold Cheap'.
They are former Taranto executive environmental councillor
Michele Conserva, former ILVA external relations chief Girolamo
Archina', and the former secretary of the province of Taranto,
Vincenzo Specchia.
The charges against Florido and Conserva regard
authorizations for a dump.
ILVA is at the centre of a long-running legal and political
battle amid serious environmental and health concerns in the
southern port city of Taranto, where studies suggest cancer
rates are above the national average.
Prosecutors from Taranto have been been fighting to close
the polluting plant.
But labour unions and the national government have been
working just as hard to keep the plant operational while a
clean-up is conducted in order to save the 20,000 jobs it
provides in a region of very high unemployment.
Prosecutors failed in a bid at Italy's highest court to
strike down the ''Save ILVA'' decree approved late last year to
keep open the troubled steel plant, Europe's largest, with many
other facilities dependent on its operations.

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