Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

'Ndrangheta crime boss fugitive turns self in

Reggio Calabria, May 16 - Fugitive 'Ndrangheta
mafia boss Giuseppe Pesce turned himself into police on
Pesce, 33, is believed to control the Rosarno clan, one of
the most notorious in Italy's wealthy, international 'Ndrangheta
crime syndicate, which is rooted in the Calabrian region in the
toe of Italy's boot.
After three years on the run, Cosce presented himself to
local paramilitary Carabinieri police accompanied by his two
defense lawyers, and was immediately taken to the Palmi maximum
security prison on the Calabrian coast.
"Enough, I'm tired of running. Better to end it here,"
Pesce reportedly told his defense lawyers, Gregorio Cacciola and
Benito Infantino, when he asked them to take him to police.
Pesce's surrender marks a new important victory in law
enforcement efforts that have decimated the ranks of the Rosarno
clan, which has been targeted by a hard-driving probe run by
anti-mafia police in Reggio Calabria and prosecutor Alessandra
A maxi-trial in Palmi ended May 3 in 42 convictions - and
sentences ranging from six months to 28 years - and landed Pesce
16 years for mafia association.
But Pesce still faces trial for the graver crime of
actually commanding the Rosarno clan.
Investigators believe Pesce was given the task by his
35-year-old brother, Francesco Pesce, who slipped him a note -
or '"pizzino" - in jail.
Giuseppe Pesce was the only male member of the family not
in prison at the time.
The Rosarno clan has been dismantled largely thanks to
Francesco and Giuseppe's cousin Giuseppina Pesce, a mafia
informer, whose revelations have enabled Reggio Calabrian
anti-mafia police to conduct a long series of arrests and
Two recent arrests were essential for smoking out the
fugitive boss, according to investigators, cutting off Pesce's
The first was the April 16 arrest of Pesce's alleged
lieutenant, 35-year-old Domenico Sibio, believed to have had a
key role in Pesce's hiding arrangements.
Then on May 5, police arrested Pesce's 24-year-old wife,
Ilenia Bellocco, accused of facilitating contact between her
husband and his conspirators.

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