Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Italy has 'acute need' for institutional reform - president


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Rome, May 16 - Italy has an "acute need" for
institutional reform, President Giorgio Napolitano said on
Premier Enrico Letta has said institutional reforms to make
Italy easier to govern are a priority for his left-right
coalition government, which was sworn in last month to end
Italy's two-month post-election political deadlock.
These reforms should include a new election law to replace
the much-criticised current one that failed to produce a clear
winner in February's general election.
The measures will also look to change the current
parliamentary set-up in which all laws must be approved by both
the House and Senate. This is blamed by many for being one of
the major sources of dysfunction for Italy's institutions.
"Renewal of our institutions and of our institutional
representatives is what our country has an acute need of,"
Napolitano said at the Turin book fair.

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