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Pope Francis to visit Sardinia shrine in September


Cagliari, May 17 - Pope Francis will visit the
shrine in Sardinia that gave his hometown its name during a
pilgrimage on September 22, church officials announced Friday.
The pope will end his pilgrimage to the Nostra Signora di
Bonaria (Our Lady of Fair Winds) shrine with a mass at the
basilica in the Sardinian capital Cagliari.
The shrine gave his hometown Buenos Aires in Argentina its
name, the pontiff told Sardinian pilgrims at his general
audience this week.
The shrine has been venerated by mariners for almost 700
years and has housed a religious order since the 1300s.
Cagliari was conquered by the Aragonese kings from Spain in
1324 who set up their headquarters on a hill they called Buen
Ayre (Bonaria) because it did not get the foul-smelling air from
swamps outside the city.
During the siege of Cagliari, the Aragonese built a
sanctuary to the Virgin Mary on top of the hill.
A statue of Mary was later claimed to have been found in
the sea after it miraculously helped to calm a storm, saving
Spanish sailors, especially Andalusians, venerated this
image and frequently invoked the Fair Winds to aid them in their
navigation and prevent shipwrecks.
A sanctuary to the Virgin of Buen Ayre was later erected in
The founder of Buenos Aires in South America, Spanish
conquistador Pedro de Mendoza, dubbed the city Santa Maria de
los Buenos Aires (Holy Mary of the Fair Winds) in 1536.

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