Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Four out of five Italian women 'addicted' to smartphones


Rome, May 21 - Four out of five Italian women admit
to being inseparable from their smartphones to the point of
"addiction," a survey published on said on
The poll by aufeminin group, in collaboration with eBay,
interviewed 3,000 women in Italy, France, Germany, the UK,
Belgium, Spain and Portugal.
Some 73% of Italian women polled said that they have "only
one smartphone," while 13% have more than one.
Only 12% of Italian women consider their smartphone a
fashion item and change it annually compared to 15% in Europe,
while 67% said that they only replace their devices if broken or
However, 83% of Italian women confessed to being
"exceedingly attached" to their phones, compared to 81% in the
rest of Europe, although one out of three admits that it is a
source of stress and prevents unplugging from work.
Some 23% cannot withstand being separated from their devices
for more than an hour compared to 14% of their European
counterparts and another 23% said they check their phones every
half hour compared to 18% in Europe.
About 14% said that they feel compelled to check their
phone at least every 5 minutes compared to 9% in Europe.
Italian women are undaunted phone users, even in romantic
Only 46% restrain from consulting their devices during a
date compared to 53% in the rest of Europe, while 29% admit to
checking their phones during sex compared to 17% of their
European counterparts.

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