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Almost 15 million Italians face economic hardship


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Rome, May 22 - Almost 15 million people, around a
quarter of the population, in recession-hit Italy were living in
some form of economic hardship at the end of 2012, Istat said in
its annual report on Wednesday.
The national statistics agency said 8.6 million of those
people, 14.3%, were in a condition of serious economic hardship,
more than twice as many as the 6.9% in this situation in 2010.
Istat said it took many factors into account when
determining whether a person is in hardship - whether they have
savings to meet unexpected outlays; whether they can afford a
week on holiday away from home; whether they are behind on
payments for their mortgage or rent; whether they can afford an
adequate protein-rich meal every two days; whether they can
afford to adequately heat their homes, and whether they have
money to buy items such as a car and a washing machine.
It said 16.6% could not afford an adequate meal every two
days, three times as many as two years ago.
Over half, 50.4%, could not afford a week on holiday away
from home, compared to 46.7% in 2011.

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