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Ex-Lazio governor testifies against cops in blackmail case


Rome, May 28 - Disgraced former Lazio governor
Piero Marrazzo testified for the first time Tuesday in the case
against four rogue cops on trial for attempting to blackmail him
with a video showing him with a transsexual sex worker in a
bedroom with cocaine.
"The past four years have been very difficult," he told a
Rome court. "My family and my personal and professional dignity
have suffered".
Marrazzo, who resigned in the wake of the scandal that
rocked the political establishment in 2009, went on to separate
from his wife after reports surfaced that two of the four
accused Carabinieri police officers broke into an apartment that
July, found Marrazzo with a transsexual, and took the contents
of the official's wallet.
"I was really scared that night," said the center-left
politician and former TV journalist. "I realized I had made the
biggest mistake of my life. I was subjected by those two
plain-clothes officers to very severe psychological violence. I
wanted out of that house at all costs but I was not even allowed
to get dressed. I did not realize they were shooting a video
with the phone".
Investigators have said it was unclear whether the
Carabinieri had filmed the encounter or whether, as the
policemen claimed, they had seized the video from a second
transsexual allegedly present.
The four reportedly unsuccessfully touted the video to
the Italian press before deciding to blackmail Marrazzo.
"I learned of the video when Silvio Berlusconi called to
tell me that a director of the Mondadori group (owned by the
three-time premier) had seen a video that concerned me and it
was unusable because the content was unclear," said Marrazzo.
"Then, after maybe one day, Berlusconi called me back
saying that the video had been apprehended by ROS anti-mafia and
anti-terrorism police and that everything was okay. He wanted to
reassure me".
Marazzo reportedly paid the four some 50,000 euros and gave
them cheques, never cashed, for 30,000 euros more.
He admitted Tuesday to "sporadic encounters with
transsexuals I can count on one hand" and to "consuming cocaine
that I certainly did not bring myself".
He denied using his official car "for these types of
encounters, nor have I ever brought transsexuals in the offices
of the region".
The alleged ring-leader of the blackmail case, Nicola
Testini, has been linked to the 2009 death of Rome pusher
Gianguerino Cafasso, who allegedly supplied some cocaine which
appeared in the Marrazzo video.
But a court in 2010 ruled there was no evidence Cafasso was
murdered after forensic tests indicated that he died of a
pre-existing heart condition and not a 'spiked' cocktail of
heroin and cocaine.
A second person linked to the Marrazzo case, a transsexual
prostitute known as Brenda, also died in 2009, apparently of
smoke inhalation in her flat after a fire.
Police said they suspected foul play but did not open
a murder probe.
Brenda was one of several prostitutes Marrazzo reportedly
admitted to having frequented, although he said he could not
provide a fully reliable account because of the cocaine he took.

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