Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Grillo blasts Italians who didn't vote for M5S


Rome, May 28 - Beppe Grillo on Tuesday blasted
Italians who did not vote for his anti-establishment 5-Star
Movement (M5S) after it performed badly in local elections.
The M5S, which captured around a quarter of the vote in
February's general election, failed to make the run-off votes in
any of the mayor cities among over 500 municipalities that voted
in their new councils on Sunday and Monday.
Its only success was in the Sardinian town of Assemini,
where the M5S candidate came second to qualify for a run-off
The centre-left Democratic Party, which was badly hit by
internal rifts during the long post-election deadlock that
culminated with it reluctantly joining forces with Silvio
Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party so Premier Enrico
Letta's government could be formed last month, did best in the
local elections.
The PD captured five provincial capitals outright in the
first round of voting and came first in almost all the others,
including the capital Rome, ahead of run-offs in two weeks'
Grillo said on his popular blog, which gave life to the
Internet-based M5S in 2009, that the election results were
determined by people who "vote for themselves first and then for
the country".
The comedian-turned-politician said these people - local
politicians, civil servants and pensioners who he said made up
"Italy A" - may be forced to rethink in the autumn, when he
expects major economic problems and social unrest.
"The cold autumn is near and perhaps, by then, Italy A will
realise that by voting for those who give reassurances, but in
reality have destroyed the country, they are condemning us to
taking a road of no return," said Grillo.
The results of Sunday and Monday's vote represented the
first major defeat in the short life of the M5S, which is
against the established party system that Grillo says has
produced corruption and recession.
Some say the outcome was in part down to the intransigent
line Grillo adopted after February's election ended in a virtual
tie between the PD, the PdL and the M5S.
Grillo refused to consider forming a government with the
PD, which he considers a tainted part of a discredited system.
But some M5S voters said this meant an opportunity was
missed to pass reforms to make Italy's public life more
transparent and to consign Berlusconi to the margins of Italy's
political arena.
Grillo admitted that the M5S has "made mistakes, who knows
how many" but stressed that his movement was unique as it has
returned 42 million euros in election funding to the State.
Voter turnout in the capital was down more than 20%, with
only 52.78% of Romans cast ballots over a two-day voting period,
down from 73.52% at the last mayoral elections in 2008.
In elections in 564 towns and cities across Italy Sunday
and Monday, voter turnout was 62.38% of the eligible population,
down almost 15 points.

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