Giovedì, 20 Settembre 2018

IILA-Latin America pavillion inaugurated at Venice Biennale


Venice, May 29 - Organizers of the Latin America
and the Italo-Latin American Institute (IILA) pavillion will
inaugurate their exhibit at the 55th Venice Biennale
international art fair on Friday with live performances by Latin
American artists.
The IILA-Latin America exhibit is dedicated to European and
Latin American interrelations, and to the dynamics of cultural
ties and exchanges between artists on the two continents.
This edition's theme, "The Atlas of the Empire", explores
new geopolitical dimensions of art by conjuring an imaginary
atlas in which Latin American and European art confront and
dialogue with each other, mounting a crescendo of mutual
enrichment of cultural identities.
Curated by Alfons Hug, Paz Guevara and Sylvia Irrazabal,
the theme was inspired by a literary allegory of Jorge Luis
Borges, who imagined an attempt by cartographers to draw a "Map
of the Empire" as large as the empire itself and a perfect
Ideas came too, from the Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes
and "Invisible Cities" by Italian writer Italo Calvino.
In the IILA-Latin America exhibit, the artists will
redesign the symbolic cartography of the two continents, which
have seen a formidable artistic exchange in recent decades, with
a number of successful Latin American artists living in Europe
and vice versa.
Italian Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Mario Giro will
attend the 16:30 inauguration of the exhibit on Friday.
Panamanian artist Jhafis Quintero Protesis will perform a
work based on mechanisms of survival used in prisons, exploring
vital human needs and the metaphor of life reduced to
Uraguayan artist Martin Sastre will auction off three
bottles of "U" perfume, made from essences of flowers and herbs
from the ranch belonging to Uruguayan President Jose' Mujica.
Mujica is known for his ascetic life-style, and his
preference for living on his farm over the presidential palace.
The president grows flowers to sell in local markets, and
each month donates 90% of his salary to build homes.
The exhibit is showing in the Isolotto space of the
Arsenale building, and includes the work of more than a dozen
Latin American artists.

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