Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Key 'State-Mafia talks' witness arrested for tax fraud


Palermo, May 29 - Italian police on Wednesday
arrested for suspected tax evasion a key witness in a trial into
alleged talks between the Italian State and the Mafia to stop an
early 1990s bombing campaign that claimed the lives of heroic
anti-Mafia magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.
Massimo Ciancimino is the son of the first Italian official
to be convicted of Mafia ties, in the 1980s, late Palermo mayor
Vito Ciancimino.
Massimo Ciancimino has claimed in testimony ahead of a trial
that started this week that State officials tried to get the
Mafia to halt their terror campaign which continued with
bombings that killed 10 and damaged artistic and religious sites
in Rome, Florence and Milan.
Former interior minister Nicola Mancino, one of two former
ministers on trial alongside ex-Mafia bosses already convicted
of Falcone and Borsellino's murders, is charged with giving
false testimony.
As well as being a witness, Ciancimino is facing charges in
the same trial of helping Cosa Nostra and slandering former
Italian police chief Gianni De Gennaro.
The son of the Mob-linked mayor has claimed Italian
officials received a series of 10 written demands from Toto 'The
Beast' Riina, the Corleone-born boss of bosses who declared war
on the State, but eventually rejected them.
Ciancimino, whose reliability as a witness has been called
into question, was arrested on suspicion of conspiring with
others to dodge VAT on metal sales to the tune of 30 million
The judge who issued the warrant turned down a prosecutor's
bid to add a further charge of mafia conspiracy for allegedly
helping the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta mafia boost their drug trade
through the largest container port in the Mediterranean, at
Gioia Tauro in southern Calabria.

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