Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

'Balotelli dealt drugs', Camorra informant says


Naples, May 30 - Italian soccer star Mario
Balotelli dealt drugs "as a joke" in a troubled neighbourhood of
Naples in 2010, an informant from the local Camorra mafia said
Armando De Rosa told prosecutors Italy striker Balotelli
asked his alleged Camorra hosts if he could hand out the next
dose, and they let him.
"We asked the client if he recognised Balotelli but he
didn't have a clue (who he was)," De Rosa said during
questioning in a money-laundering probe.
Balotelli quickly responded on Twitter, saying the media
should be "ashamed of itself" for reporting such claims.
"AHAHAHAHA, they said I used prostitutes, next time maybe
they'll say I take it up the...," the Italy and AC Milan star
"Don't use me to boost your audience (figures)", said the
former Inter Milan and Manchester City star, whose temperamental
behaviour, anger at racism and wacky off-field antics have
gained headlines worldwide.
In September 2011, Balotelli was called in for questioning
after the visit to the Scampia neighbourhood of Naples that is
notorious for drug trafficking and the activity of the Camorra.
According to prosecutors at the time, the striker had been
accompanied by two "senior Camorra figures".
Balotelli has always insisted he didn't know who the men
were when they took him around Scampia, an area he was
interested in because of its resemblance to the poor Palermo
quarter where he grew up.

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