Domenica, 21 Ottobre 2018

M5S calls for protest over party-funding 'scam law'


Rome, May 31 - Beppe Grillo's 5-Star Movement
(M5S) is ready to stage "sensational" nationwide protests over
details in the bill launched by the Italian cabinet Friday
abolishing funding for political parties, said the group's MPs.
M5S called the bill that phases out funds for parties a
"moral victory" but also a dubbed it a "scam law" for the way
individual taxpayer's money will be split among parties
automatically unless the person explicitly declares on their tax
return that it should not go to a political party.
As the bill stands, the money would be divided
proportionally among all parties.
"The bill is a mockery for citizens who will continue to
support the survival of parties," M5S said.
Early on Friday the government said that the elimination
will be "gradual", over a period of three years.
The first year, funds will be reduced to 60%, the second
year 50% and 40% the third year before it is subsequently
abolished altogether.
Premier Enrico Letta, who last month became premier of an
unprecedented left-right coalition after two months of
post-election gridlock, vowed to "revolutionize" party funding
after only a few days in office.

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