Lunedì, 15 Ottobre 2018

Audit Court complains of contradictions in tax-evasion war


Rome, June 3 - Italy's Audit Court said Monday that
the war on rampant tax evasion has been hampered by contractions
in past governments' approach to the problem.
"Fighting tax evasion continues to be a central, essential
part of the effort to restore health to public finances," the
Audit Court said in a report.
"But the strategy adopted during the last parliamentary
term was affected by contradictions and lapses of focus".
Both Silvio Berlusconi's third government, which ran from
2008 to late 2011, and Mario Monti's emergency technocrat
administration, which ruled from the end of 2011 until April
this year, said fighting tax evasion was a priority.
But Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) complained that
the tax agencies got carried away under Monti and treated many
honest taxpayers as criminals during audits.
The Audit Court also said that the power of a new system
that the inland revenue agency is using to detect tax dodgers,
by cross-checking declared incomes with spending and
bank-account transactions, had been exaggerated.
"The media clamour caused by the new mechanism to recreate
incomes appears frankly to be out of proportion to the tool's
potential and its presumed effectiveness," the report said.
It added that measures such as the registration of all
operations over 3,600 euros risked depressing consumer spending
and increasing the number of transactions paid cash-in-hand to
avoid taxes.

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