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Meredith Kercher scholarship awarded in Perugia


Perugia, June 4 - A British student on Tuesday
received the first scholarship honouring Meredith Kercher from a
fund set up in her name by the Umbrian city of Perugia and the
university she was studying at when she was murdered in 2007.
"Meredith's murder is a wound that will never be healed in
the hearts of Perugians where Mez will always be, along with a
sense of impotence at not having been able to defend her," Mayor
Wladimiro Boccali said.
Meredith's elder sister Stephanie was on hand to see the
honour go to London student Olivia Taylor at a ceremony with the
mayor and the head of Perugia's famous University for
"It's the first time I've been here for a happy event,"
Stephanie Kercher said.
"Now I want to study to remember Meredith," said Taylor,
whose grant will help her learn Italian at the university
attended by thousands of foreign students.
Meredith Kercher, 21, a London-born exchange student from
Leeds University, was found semi-naked and with her throat
cut in the house she shared in Perugia with a Seattle-born
student, Amanda Knox, and two Italian women.
Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were
convicted of the murder in December 2009 and acquitted at an
appeals trial in December 2011.
In March 2013 the Italian supreme court overturned the
acquittal and sent the case back to the appeals stage.

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