Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Five-point program presented by Confindustria for Italy


Rome, June 5 - Following the release of its report
filled with grim economic figures for manufacturing in
crisis-ridden Italy, the country's powerful industrialists'
association Confindustria presented a list of five proposals for
the government to revive the economy.
Confindustria's research center vice president, Fulvio
Conti, said that they are measures "a responsible government
should promptly translate into action".
The points outline "a mission for which the new government
can count on the support of industry," but that require
"courageous decisions and a strategy for more growth through a
robust industrial policy," Conti said.
To start with, the "mother of all reforms", that is "less
bureaucracy" and a simplification of procedures," the program
Then cost cuts for businesses and labor through "lighter
For society as a whole, Confindustria calls for a cuts to
"restore liquidity to the economy" by paying public sector debts
to private companies and support for access to credit for
small-medium enterprise.
The fourth point calls for reforms to make the labor
market less cumbersome and inefficient, with a "an agreement
between generations", incentives and tax breaks for young
people, women and the less developed south.
For the fifth recommendation, a reduction of taxes on
investments in research and innovation and stimulation of public
and private investments in infrastructure "even by the means of
tax credit".

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