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Hausbrandt finds new ways to taste success


(By Josephine McKenna).
Trieste, June 5 - At the end of the 19th century
the streets of Trieste were filled with elegant cafes which
attracted leading authors and intellectuals of the day and a
well-heeled clientele with an eye for the latest trend.
So it's not surprising to find that one of Italy's leading
coffee producers, Hausbrandt, was founded in 1892 in this
stunning northeastern Italian city that sits at the crossroads
of Europe.
Hermann Hausbrandt was a merchant-marine commander before he
became one of the first of the artisan coffee roasters in
Trieste when it was still a part of the Austrian-Hungarian
Drawing on the finest Viennese tradition, he managed to make
his mark and deliver top-quality coffee in a city which had been
sipping coffee for a couple of centuries.
The company began as a highly innovative business and was
the first to offer its customers pre-packaged products,
processed entirely at the company's facilities and sealed in
metal containers to preserve the coffee's aroma and freshness.
Today Hausbrandt is based in Nervesa della Battaglia near
the city of Treviso to the north and employs more than 500
It has more than 20,000 clients, including restaurants,
cafes and bars, and ships more than 4,000 tonnes of roasted
coffee around the world every year. That's around 600 million
cups of espresso.
Entrepreneur Martino Zanetti took over the company in 1988
and his son Fabrizio has been working beside him as managing
director since 2005.
Together they have strengthened the company's expansion by
building relationships with leading hotels, museums, restaurants
and cafes and other institutions.
"Companies are born from a winning idea when it is
continually fed by passion," says Martino Zanetti.
Now before you sit down to a performance of the Bolshoi
ballet in Moscow or dip your toe in the pool at the Paradise
Island Resort in the Maldives you can sip Hausbrandt.
Closer to home the brand is found at the historic Caffe'
Quadri in Venice or the nearby Guggenheim Museum as well as the
Uffizi Gallery in Florence.
Today the company's coffee is sipped in 70 countries around
the world and it has recently added beer, prosecco and other
products to its beverage portfolio.
But the company's commitment to coffee remains just as
strong and it is committed to provide its customers with
"excellence" and fill every single cup with "enjoyment".
Hausbrandt carefully selects only the best-quality Arabica
and Robusta coffee beans, which it acquires from countries in
Latin America and Africa.
Drawing on advanced agronomic techniques it blends the most
prized varieties of coffee and carefully monitors the roasting
process using the latest digital systems.
Quality is backed up by laboratory analyses, including both
visual and microscopic inspections, as well as further tests
before the coffee leaves the port of Trieste.
Once a shipment arrives at its destination, another sample
is sent to the company to verify that the cargo matches the high
quality of the original and to determine if any changes occurred
during the voyage.
Then the coffee once again undergoes further analysis to
certify the coffee's quality.
Today the company has branches in France, Monaco and
Slovenia, as well as authorized partners in several countries.

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