Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Opportunities minister calls for action plan against racism


Rome, June 5 - The Italian government must make it
a top priority to develop a national program to combat the
"odious phenomenon" of racism, Equal Opportunities Minister
Josefa Idem said Wednesday.
"I think a priority, in agreement with the Minister for
Integration Cecile Kyenge, is the processing and implementation
of a National Plan of Action against racism, xenophobia and
related intolerance," said Idem.
The plan should be implemented over three years, beginning
immediately, and include "the systematic application of the
principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination," in
compliance with United Nations standards on human rights.
The issue of racism has been making headlines recently in
Italy, particularly since the cabinet appointment in April of
the Congo-born Kyenge.
As the country's first black cabinet minister, Kyenge has
suffered racist attacks from the anti-immigrant Northern League
and anonymous bigots but she has also taken the opportunity to
make a prominent stand against racism.
Black soccer players, such as Milan star Mario Balotelli,
have also been standing up against racial slurs and pushing back
against bigoted fans.

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