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Ferragamo marina venture embraces local environment


(By Kate Carlisle)
Grosseto, June 7 - For the boating community,
marinas are as necessary as the water their yachts float on.
It is in these often isolated developments that the
yachting set refuel their vessels, their tummies, pick up
supplies, do a little shopping and enjoy moments of land-based
fun with others before sailing off again.
While marinas usually have all anyone could need for their
time on shore, they are often pricey and function as a sort of
walled community, cut off from the rest of the area they are
built on.
But Tuscany's Marina di Scarlino aims to be different.
"Our model is something completely unique," Marketing and
Marina shopping gallery manager Nicolo' Sabellico told ANSA.
"First, the prices are comparable to those in town. There
is no major markup for convenience, because we part of this
territory - the wonderful Maremma of southern Tuscany,"
Sabellico says.
"The red thread of the development is good taste in
everything - from what you see, what you eat, where you lounge
and where you shop," Sabellico says.
Marina di Scarlino, owned by Leonardo Ferragamo and
developed in a joint venture with Spanish group Puro, is made up
of graceful white stuccoed buildings and smooth slate stone
pathways that run down to the absolute crystalline Tyrrhenian
"This isn't just a place to pull into for a night, it can
also become a home," Mayor Maurizio Bizzarri says.
In fact, the joint venture has constructed residential
accommodation as part of the Marina with 32 suites, each one
with large garden terraces and sea-front view, ranging from 48
to 123 square meters.
Over 4,000 square meters of commercial space is home to
shopping with some of Tuscany's best boutiques and businesses,
restaurants, wine bars and an art gallery that stays open late
into the night.
Spazio Transito Gallery will host rotating exhibitions from
local and international artists in a bright, glassed in corner
To encourage business to move in and throw open their
doors, the marina came up with an enticing formula.
"We are in partnership with store owners too - we have
abolished the lease contracts and will take a percentage on
sales instead, which clearly also depends on our ability to make
all the facilities attractive," Sabellico said.
The Spanish developers of the Puro brand (wine, food,
establishments and much more fall under the Puro brand) have
built a beach club that is ready for the heat of the day or cool
of the evening.
During the day, a cool level-water pool overlooks the sea,
surrounded by Bali-imported deck chairs and canopy beds, with an
ever-present soft music compilation lulling sun-lovers as they
In the evening, dj sets and live music are accompanied by
the sound of shakers preparing cocktails worthy of the swankiest
New York City club.
"It is beautiful to be here with the soft Maremma
countryside at your back, the sea in front and have access to
every amenity possible," Oscar Royo from Puro Group says.
For those who don't have a boat to park in one of the
marina's 950 spaces, or simply prefer to sleep inland, the area
has plenty of accomodation for a relaxing country stay.
"This entire structure was refurbished to keep its original
Tuscan character, dip into the scrumptious local products like
hand-made cheeses and homemade marmalades, and to respect the
environment with low-water consumption and solar panels," says
Anna Barberini from Relais Vedetta guesthouse.
Once a country villa, the intimate stone and wood bed and
breakfast is the top of rustic elegance.
"Maremma is a philosophy as much as an area. This new
development strategy repositioning the Marina as a port for
locals and visitors makes it a precious resource that the
management is certain will add value to the whole region,"
Marina CEO Leonardo Pagni says.

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