Domenica, 21 Ottobre 2018

Guarding privacy of vulnerable 'top priority' says Speaker


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Rome, June 11 - Protecting vulnerable people like
minors from exposure and abuse on the Internet should be the
first priority for privacy protection, said Italian House
Speaker Laura Boldrini on Tuesday.
"When we speak of privacy that needs to be guaranteed, I
believe we need to think first of all about those who are most
exposed, like the young people struggling with the Web. It is an
emergency that I never get tired of underlining," Boldrini told
the House during the presentation of Italy's privacy authority
"The web has extraordinary potential for emancipation,
freedom and cultural growth, but requires new consciousness on
themes regarding privacy," Boldrini continued, and cited the
case of a teenage girl from Novara "who a few months ago decided
to end it all after some of her peers, who had abused her,
posted two videos on Facebook that depicted her drunk".
"A traumatic event, unfortunately not isolated, that calls
on us parents, families and schools," but also poses the problem
of devising a new approach, Boldrini said.
The Speaker also defended the rights of journalists to
report on newsworthy people and information, warning against the
use of privacy as a pretext to hide information the public
deserves to know.
"The right to privacy must be reconciled with equally
relevant rights, like the right and duty of newsgathering,"
Boldrini said.
"Caring for the privacy and protection of personal data can
not ever be used as a pretext to put up barriers to information,
nor can they be adopted by the public administration as a reason
to avoid furnishing data that transparency requires making
"Recognizing the right to information does not mean that in
the name of news the personal sphere can be wrecked. It is the
responsibility of media operators to make the distinction
between what is news and what is a private affair, or just

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