Lunedì, 18 Novembre 2019
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Italian watchdog calls Google, Facebook 'near monopolies'


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Rome, June 11 - Italy's privacy watchdog warned
parliament Tuesday that the power of Internet giants such as
Google, Facebook and Amazon "can no longer be ignored" due to
their "near monopolistic" qualities.
"Likewise, the differing laws with respect to European
content-producers and service-providers are no longer
acceptable," said Antonello Soro.
In an annual report to parliament, Soro blasted "Google's
search engine, Facebook's social network, and Amazon's online
retail for conducting business in an near monopolistic fashion"
at the expense of "a multitude of individuals who daily feed the
data market.
"These giants of the Internet are becoming more and more
exclusive intermediaries between producers and consumers.
"We should (therefore) not allow personal data to become
the property of someone who collects them, and for this reason
we must also continue to demand procedural transparency".
Those whose data is being used, Soro added, "must be able
to acquire more knowledge and become active participants in the
process and be able to request the protection of their data and
the transparency of the process they undergo".

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