Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

M5S dissenter says she will not step aside


Rome, June 12 - An Italian Senator with the
anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) who criticized leader
Beppe Grillo on Wednesday said that she had no intention of
leaving the group.
Dissent came after Senator Adele Gambaro said
comedian-turned-politician Grillo, who frequently communicates
his political thoughts via an often angry blog where no holds
are barred, was the root of the M5S's problems.
Grillo subsequently asked Gambaro "to leave the M5S as soon
as possible".
"I have absolutely no intention to leave the group. I am
still in the 5-Star Movement and will stay until someone decides
to expel me," Gambaro said.
Grillo's hard line has not stamped out criticism within the
movement, which captured around a quarter of the vote in
February's general election but failed to make an impression in
local elections that saw the centre-left complete a clean sweep
of the 16 provincial capitals up for grabs, including Rome.
"We are too Grillo-dependent", M5S Senator Bartolomeo
Pepe told Rome daily Il Messaggero, adding that the movement was
heading towards "self-destruction".

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