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Palermo prosecutor 'bungled' capture of mob boss, judges say


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Rome, June 12 - The judiciary's CSM self-governing
body on Wednesday accused Palermo's chief prosecutor Francesco
Messineo of being responsible for mafia boss Matteo Messina
Denaro remaining at large.
Messineo, the CSM said in a disciplinary procedure, did not
favour the circulation of information within Palermo's
prosecutor's office and "a consequence of this lack of
coordination was allegedly the failure to capture the fugitive
Matteo Messina Denaro".
Messineo is also suspected of being influenced by one of
the prosecutors in his office, Antonio Ingroia, the CSM wrote,
noting that Ingroia withheld wiretaps concerning Messina Denaro
for five months from Caltanissetta prosecutors investigating the
mafia boss.
The wiretaps were filed by Ingroia in November 2012, just a
few days before he left the state attorney's office in Palermo.
Ingroia founded the left-wing Civic Revolution party
shortly afterwards but the movement folded after doing poorly in
general elections last February.
The CSM then appointed him as deputy prosecutor in the
northwestern city of Aosta, as Valle D'Aosta was the only region
where he did not run for office.
Messineo will be heard by the CSM in a hearing next month.
He risks being removed from his post.
Originally from Trapani in Sicily, Messina Denaro has been
a fugitive since 1993.
The Cosa Nostra leader is known as the 'boss of bosses' and
the 'playboy boss' for his passion for women and luxury.

(photo: Antonio Ingroia, left, and Francesco Messineo)

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