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Pope Francis to publish encyclical with Benedict


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Vatican City, June 13 - Pope Francis said Thursday
that he will publish an encyclical co-written with his
predecessor Benedict XVI.
"Now an encyclical written by four hands is coming
out," Francis told a bishops' follow-up meeting on last
October's Synod about evangelisation, or spreading the Faith.
He said the encyclical would likely take the place of a
definitive post-Synod statement, expanding on it.
Benedict, who resigned at the end of February and is now
pope emeritus, presided over that Synod. Francis, the first
Jesuit and Latin American pope, was elected March 13.
"Pope Benedict started it and he delivered it to me. It's a
powerful document".
The Argentine pontiff thanked his German predecessor for
his "great work", which he said he would "carry on".
A post-Synod exhortation would make no sense because it
would be overshadowed by the encyclical, Francis said.
The encyclical would sum up the findings of the Synod and
enlarge on it, talking about "evangelisation in general".
"I will go along that path," he said.
Francis said he had "already written something" and would
be able to get more done during the summer holidays.
Unlike previous popes, Francis is not going to the summer
residence at Castel Gandolofo but will be staying in Vatican
He has yet to move into the traditional papal apartments
and has indicated he may never do so.
"I'll be less busy in August so I'll be able to go on a
bit," Francis said.
The synod on new evangelization ended on October 24 with a
call to "the People of God," to more actively spread the Gospel
The bishops agreed that this was "not a question of finding
new strategies as if the Gospel was to be spread like a market
product, but rediscovering the ways in which individuals come
close to Jesus".

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