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Italian photographer arrested, beaten during Istanbul demos


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Ankara, June 17 - An Italian photographer was
injured when he was struck on the head by police wielding riot
batons who eventually took him into custody during riots in
Istanbul, Italian embassy sources said Monday.
Daniele Stefanini, 28, was struck on Sunday and was later
rescued by a human-rights lawyer who said he found the
photographer "in a confused state" and took him to hospital.
He was later put in police holding where Italian consular
authorities are assisting him.
"His condition is not worrisome," said the foreign ministry
in a statement.
Stefanini was stopped by police in Istanbul's district of
Bayrampasha, while trying to reach the site of a demonstration.
"My son is too passionate about photography," said
Stefanini's mother after the photographer called to notify her
of the incident.
Since the beginning of protests in Turkey, three people
have been killed and about 7,500 injured - at least 50 of those
seriously hurt.
A police officer was killed during a fall from a bridge
while chasing protesters, who began their demonstrations against
a park demolition but have moved on to demand broader government
Lawyers are raising concerns about police violence against
demonstrators, many of whom have been peaceful.
Journalists are also being targeted and several have been
arrested and beaten.

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