Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Italian swimming spots along sea, lakes and rivers improving


Rome, June 17 - Italian beaches alongside its seas,
rivers, and lakes are all in better shape this year as overall
water quality has improved by almost 5%, the health ministry
said Monday.
Bathing and swimming water has improved in quality by more
than 4.7% since last year, the health ministry said in a new
While 96.6% of swimming waters were found to comply with
standards, another 1.3% of water sources were closed to bathers
for health concerns.
The report is based on data provided by Italy's regional
government and covers 5,509 different swimming sites, including
4,880 coastal areas.
The rest are river and lakeside beaches and swimming holes
that were measured for various kinds of bacterial contamination
that could threaten human health.
About 85% of water measured was judged to be "excellent,"
the report added.
Best water quality was found in the northern Veneto and
Emilia-Romagna regions while the worst was found along the coast
of Abruzzo and in lakes in Lazio, both in central Italy.
Italy's water report placed the country above average
within the European Union, behind Cyprus and Luxembourg, which
have 100% safe swimming water.
Malta, Croatia, Germany, Greece and Portugal also received
high marks.

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