Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Seven migrants drown, over 1,000 flock to Italian shores


Agrigento, June 17 - Seven migrants drowned Sunday
as they attempted to cling to a tuna cage dragged by a Tunisian
fishing boat south of Malta.
The immigrants were among more than a thousand that have
flocked to Italian coasts in the last two days, launched in
boats from northern Africa across the Strait of Sicily.
The flood of migrants has left the migrant holding centre
on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa packed well beyond
Built to accommodate a maximum of 300 people, the centre is
now packed with 855 people, with no transfers currently planned.
Italian Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini is set to meet a
special representative from OECD for the fight against
human-trafficking on Monday.
Thousands of migrants flood toward Europe across the Strait
of Sicily each year as warm weather brings calmer seas, and the
islands of Lampedusa, Pantelleria and Malta provide stepping
stones to the continent.
Many come from Northern Africa looking for jobs, but also
from further south and other parts of the globe.
The latest landing occurred on dry land shortly before
midnight on Sunday. Police stopped five Tunisians and two
Bangladeshi citizens on Lampedusa's Cala Pisana beach.
Another 121 immigrants were picked up Sunday night on a
boat located 60 miles southeast of Lampedusa, containing eight
women and at least 33 Sub-Saharan Africans.
One boat intercepted over the weekend contained a baby born
at sea during the voyage.

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