Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Italy antitrust orders 182 million euros of fines in 17 mos


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Rome, June 18 - The Italian antitrust authority
chief on Tuesday told parliament that the watchdog had ordered
more than 182 million euros' worth of fines over 17 months
covering 2012 through May 2013.
A total of 170 million euros stemmed from 31 cases of
unfair competition practices, said Giovanni Pitruzzella,
president of the Italy's Antitrust Authority, in his annual
report presentation.
Pitruzella urged parliament to create more competitive
conditions across a number of sectors, singling out automotive
insurance as a particularly dire example.
"The average (auto insurance) premium is more than twice
that paid in France and Portugal, and exceeds German (premiums)
by 80% and Dutch premiums by almost 70%," Pitruzella said.
The antitrust chief also called for overhauling Italy's
"geriatric" rail transport authority, warned that the nation's
electrical suppliers were on the verge of damaging structural
change that could lead to price hikes, and urged parliament to
make Italy a hub for Mediterranean gas.
To become a gas hub, Italy needs to "create structural
excess supply" within national borders, requiring "new, limited
investments," Pitruzzella explained.
The antitrust annual report recommends facilitating the
creation of liquified natural gas (LNG) plants, for which "the
complexity of administrative procedures have weighed
negatively," Pitruzzella warned.

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