Mercoledì, 19 Settembre 2018

Schulz compares Grillo to Robespierre of French Revolution


Brussels, June 18 - The outspoken head of the
European Parliament compared maverick Italian political leader
Beppe Grillo to the French revolutionary Maximilien de
Robespierre on Tuesday.
And Martin Schulz added that the comparison suggests
Grillo, like many of the French revolutionaries involved in the
Reign of Terror of the 18th century, won't fare well.
Grillo, the founder and leader of the troubled 5-Star
Movement (M5S), has created controversy since his supporters won
a substantial number of seats in February's national election.
But his party has also been roiled with debate over what
some call Grillo's high-handed style.
"What do I think of Grillo?," Schulz commented during an
interview with RAI 3 television.
"Each historical experience can teach us something," he
"Remember for a moment Robespierre and the Jacobins,"
because their failure may be a good comparison for Grillo, added
Grillo was back in the news Tuesday when dozens of
loyalists demonstrated outside the Italian Lower House amid a
widening rift over a M5S Senator who may be kicked out of the
anti-establishment party for criticizing the leader.
The affair is viewed as a defining moment in the movement
founded online in 2009 by the Grillo, a comedian known for
irreverent rabble-rousing.

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