Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Heat wave simmers across Italy


Rome, June 20 - Summer is giving Italians an overly
warm embrace as hot muggy weather on Thursday continued to
prevail across most of the country.
Temperatures simmered in the mid-30s (degrees celsius)
particularly in the centre and south, but also in northeastern
Italy on the border of Austria, sparking health warnings in many
areas of the peninsula.
The humid heat wave hitting central Italy, brought on by
the weather system 'Ada', prompted authorities in the port city
Pescara to call a level-three health-alert, meaning that
healthy, active people were at risk as well as vulnerable
categories like the elderly, small children and chronically ill.
The perceived temperature in Pescara is expected to reach
36C on Thursday.
Meanwhile, temperatures in the region of Puglia - the heel
of Italy's boot - are could touch 38 degrees celsius.
But storms are bringing relief at least to northwestern
Italy, knocking temperatures down to well under 30 degrees in
cities like Turin, Milan and Genoa.
No rain is forecast in the coming days for southern Italy,
but thunder-showers are expected Monday in the eastern parts of
north and central Italy.

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