Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Italy to post 500-700 troops in Afghanistan after draw down


Herat, June 20 - Between 500 and 700 Italian troops
will stay on in western Afghanistan after the NATO-led ISAF
mission concludes at the end of 2014, the defence ministry said
Italian Defence Minister Mario Mauro was in Herat meeting
with his Afghan counterpart Dismillah Mohammadi, and his German
counterpart Thomas De Maiziere, whose country foresees an
800-troop commitment in northern Afghanistan.
At the meeting, Mauro said parliament would review and then
vote on Italy's position in the country.
"We can't turn our backs on this country if we don't want
the atrocious dictatorship of the past to return," he said.
De Maiziere emphasized that first an accord was necessary
between NATO and Afghanistan "on what coalition troops can and
cannot do".
The Italian contingent now has about 3,100 units.
After the current mission ends Italy says it intends to
continue its engagement by assisting and training Afghan troops.
The new mission, says the defence ministry, will be
non-combat and will not include fighting against insurgents, nor
against terrorism and drug trafficking.
Coalition forces currently train, mentor and fight
alongside Afghan troops.

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