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Knox meets ex ahead of retrial for Kercher murder


(By Emily Backus)
Rome, June 20 - Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend
Raffaele Sollecito met in New York City ahead of their retrial
for the murder of Meredith Kercher, the Daily Mirror reported on
The British tabloid splashed pictures of the pair warmly
embracing and chatting, followed by Knox's mother, who the
newspaper said chaperoned the pair during a meeting in Manhattan
on Tuesday.
Knox, 25, last month told CNN she was afraid to go back to
Italy after the supreme court overturned her acquittal for
''I'm afraid to go back there,'' she said in the interview
televised on May 7.
Knox was serving a 26-year sentence for the 2007 murder of
fellow student Meredith Kercher when an appeals court overturned
a lower court's ruling in 2011, setting her free to return to
the US.
But in March, Italy's supreme Court of Cassation overturned
the acquittal, setting the stage for a retrial at the appeals
Her Italian boyfriend at the time of Kercher's death,
Sollecito, 29, is also accused of the murder.
In a document explaining its reasons for overturning the
acquittal of Knox and Sollecito, the Cassation said Tuesday that
unanswered questions, from the precise time of death to the
actions of the accused, had to be explained in the new appeals
It also said the death could have been the result of an
erotic game, as prosecutors had argued at the pair's previous
It raised several other questions that it said had be dealt
with when the new appeals trial in Florence is held - likely in
the fall.
Judges questioned the precise time of death of Kercher -
three women in the area said they heard a ''heartbreaking''
scream somewhere between 11 pm and 11:30 pm, although another
witness said it was much earlier.
And they questioned if the murder was the work of one or
more people.
Only one man, Rudy Guede, was convicted of the slaying in a
separate proceeding and is serving a 16-year sentence.
The judges also pointed out testimony that Knox was seen
buying detergent a few hours after Kercher's murder, although
she testified she was at Sollecito's house until 10 a.m. the
morning after her roommate's death.
In March, a top prosecutor argued before the Cassation that
justice was lost when the pair's murder convictions were
The judgment of Perugia's appeals court was ''a rare
concentration of violations of the law and of a lack of logic
and I think (the acquittal decision) must be undone,''
prosecutor-General Luigi Riello said at the time.
Knox told her own account of the ordeal in a new book
entitled ''Waiting to be Heard''.
''In Italy,'' Knox told CNN in May, ''people think it's
arrogant of me to sit here in the United States and have a book
come out and defend myself. And first of all, I find that
incredibly unfair, because I have the right to defend myself.
And no one can ask me to just shut up because it's convenient.
But at the same time, I want to prove to them that I care about
what's going on''.

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