Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Letta blasts scandalous salaries of public-sector bosses


Rome, June 25 - Italian Premier Enrico Letta said
Tuesday that the salaries of some senior public sector managers
and executives at State-controlled firms was scandalous.
''I think it is intolerable that in private and public
companies there are managers who earn salaries that are so many
times higher than any civil servant,'' Letta said.
The premier added that his bid to curb excessive pay in the
public sector will be helping by him leading by example and
stopping the practise of paying double salaries to MPs who also
serve as ministers.
''Being as I only have my salary as a parliamentarian, it
will be easier for me to say to a public manager that you earn
30 times more than the premier who nominated you,'' Letta said.
In comments to the Senate, Letta also complained that the
amount of Italian capital hidden abroad in tax havens ''is
simply scandalous'' but said they will be traced and taxed.
In fact, there is increasing pressure to halt tax evasion,
a topic that was high on the agenda last week for Letta and
other world leaders attending a G8 summit in Northern Ireland,
the premier noted.

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