Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Electricity bills up 10% since 2009, authority says


Rome, June 26 - Electricity bills have registered a
10% increase from 2009 for private consumers because of tax
hikes, the president of Italy's Energy Authority, Guido Bortoni,
said Wednesday.
Presenting the authority's annual report, Bortoni noted
that while in the second part of last year the price of
electricity dropped, registering in the second quarter of 2013
the same level as mid-2009, taxes have grown and now make up on
average one third of electricity bills.
Overall in 2012 electricity bills were under the EU average
for low-consumption customers - generally below 1.000 and until
2.500 kWh - the Energy Authority said.
In particular prices were 8% less than the EU average for
consumption under 1.000 kWh and 6.2% below the EU average for
the majority of Italian families whose consumption ranges
between 1.000 and 2.500 kWh.
Prices however registered a significant increase in the
higher tariff bracket - over 2.500 kWh - topping the EU average
by 5% with taxes amounting to 45% of bills.
Companies in particular pay a higher price than the
European average due to taxes.

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