Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Nun says she inspired Benigni's love for Dante


Florence, June 26 - Oscar-winning Italian actor and
filmmaker Roberto Benigni's love of the Medieval poet Dante was
inspired by a Tuscan nun, according to the former teacher.
Benigni, famous as a comedian but also as a passionate
performer of Dante's epic poem the Divine Comedy, was first
exposed to the so-called father of the Italian language while
studying at a technical institute near Prato.
His guide to the 14th-century poet was Sister Teresa
D'Alessandro, who taught him literature in his final two years
of high school.
D'Alessandro, who retired after 40 years of teaching to run
a religious house, recalls that Benigni showed "a keen interest"
in Dante and his through hell and into redemption.
"He was truly brilliant and imaginative," recalls his
former teacher in an interview with the daily Tuscany Today.
At the time of the 1969 moon walk by American astronauts,
she recalls, Benigni was one of the few students able to analyze
the international event in the context of the broader purpose of
human life.
D'Alessandro says she would enjoy meeting Benigni again,
"but it is likely that I have been forgotten".

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