Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Propane-packed car lit in attempt on toy factory


Macerata, June 28 - An ex-employee of the Italian
toymaker Clementoni allegedly tried to destroy the factory in
central-eastern Italy where he once worked by lighting a
car-bomb in the company's courtyard, investigators reported on
Investigators say the man lit a Matiz Daewoo car packed
with propane tanks and petrol at about 7 am on Friday.
The man reportedly fled on foot to a nearby school where he
attacked an arriving teacher, spraying her in the eyes and mouth
with mace, and threatening her with a knife.
After forcing the woman to hand over the keys to her car,
the man sped off in her Fiat Punto from the scene.
Police are combing the Adriatic coast between Macerata and
Ancona, as well as the whole Marche region, in pursuit of the
suspect identified as a 44-year old Ioan Nini, who was born in
Romania and worked at Clementoni for twelve months in 2010 as
temporary personnel.
Investigators say that in the two years since his
employment at Clementoni, Nini continued to work on a temporary
basis at various companies in northern Italy.
Two Clementoni employees subdued the flames at the factory
with extinguishers.
A paramilitary police bomb-squad reached the scene to
eliminate any remaining danger.
Patrizia Clementoni, a member of the family behind the
toymaker, praised the employees who put out the flames.
''We must say thank you to our fire-fighting workers, Fabio
Meriggi and Simone Lampa. It is only thanks to their courage
that tragedy was avoided today,'' Clementoni told journalists.
''We will propose awarding our heroes with a prize during
the celebration of the 50th anniversary of our company,''
Clementoni added.
No children were at the school at the time the teacher,
Alessandra Amichetti, was assaulted.
Amichetti was taken to hospital where she was being treated
in the emergency room.

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