Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

'Italy to decide soon' on Snowden asylum appeal


Rome, July 2 - The Italian government "is
evaluating the situation and will decide very soon" on the case
of former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden
and his request for asylum, sources at the foreign ministry told
ANSA Tuesday.
Sources told ANSA earlier Tuesday that the Italian embassy
in Moscow had received an asylum appeal from Snowden, who last
month revealed a wide-reaching US government surveillance
program of phone and internet records.
WikiLeaks reported that Snowden has appealed for political
asylum from 21 different countries including Italy.
The asylum requests were filed from the Moscow airport
where he flew from Hong Kong after abandoning his job in Hawaii
in May.
On Monday, Italy demanded answers from the United States
after allegations surfaced in the media that it spied on the
diplomatic offices of the European Union and several countries,
including Italy.
The allegations were partly based on Snowden's revelations.
He is wanted in the United States for espionage.
Earlier Tuesday the head of parliament's COPASIR secret
service commission, Giacomo Stucchi, denied suspicions that
Italy had unlawfully complied with the US spy program.
"There was no illegal exchange of Italian data with the
United States," said Stucchi in a hearing with Italy's Security
Intelligence Department (DIS) chief Giampiero Massolo.
"Everything happened in accordance with the laws on the
"There was no illegal 'big brother'".

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