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Probe opened into time Moro's body found


Rome, July 3 - Rome prosecutors on Wednesday opened
a probe into new claims about the time at which Christian
Democrat (DC) statesman Aldo Moro's body was found after his
assassination by Red Brigades (BR) terrorists in May 1978.
Two former bomb-disposal experts recently told police
Moro's body was found at 11 o'clock on the morning of May 9.
This contradicted the official version of events, in which
the BR phoned in to say where the body was - midway between the
DC and Communist Party (PCI) headquarters - at 12:30, and police
arrived on the scene an hour and a half later.
The two former sappers also claimed then interior minister
Francesco Cossiga, another DC faction leader, was in the street,
Via Caetani, at 11:00.
The new alleged timing has been contested by the first
journalist to arrive at the scene, Franco Alfano, who said the
Renault 4 containing Moro's bullet-riddled body was opened at
Cossiga resigned after Moro was found dead and was later
elected Italian president with the help of the PCI. He died in
Moro, twice premier for the once-dominant but now defunct
DC, was captured on March 16, 1978, when the BR blocked his
two-car convoy on its way to a House session to take part in a
historic confidence vote for a new government led by another DC
heavyweight, a close friend and sometime rival of Moro's, Giulio
The DC-led government, the fourth of Andreotti's seven
stints, received PCI support for the first time in the first
step in Moro's strategic political vision known as the Historic
The terrorists shot and killed his five bodyguards on the
The kidnappers proposed to trade Moro's life for the
release of several imprisoned terrorists, but the Italian
government refused to negotiate. Andreotti, who died recently,
was criticised for this.
After two months of hiding Moro, and allowing him to
communicate with the outside through letters critical of the DC,
the BR put Moro in a car, had him cover himself with a blanket,
and shot 10 rounds into his body.
Moro's death spawned conspiracy theories including CIA
puppet-masters acting to stymie the DC-PCI rapprochement, mafia
involvement and complicity by Andreotti.
Postwar political titan Andreotti died on May 6, a few
years after being cleared of murdering a muckraking journalist
and holding links with the mafia beyond 1980.

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