Lunedì, 15 Ottobre 2018

Suspected mafia boss threatens rival in love on Facebook


Palermo, July 3 - A suspected Cosa Nostra mafia
boss used Facebook to scare his rival in love, who is allegedly
also close to a rival clan, and stop him from going out with his
ex, investigators said Wednesday.
Alessandro D'Ambrogio reportedly used the profile of a
close aide to warn his ex, Lorena Bonsignore, not to see her new
boyfriend Antonio Riina.
When Riina caught wind of the message and its sender's
identity he was reportedly so worried that he first asked a
rival mafia clan to scare off D'Ambrogio and, when he was
unsuccessful, he told his girlfriend he did not want to meet
with her anymore unless she killed D'Ambrogio.
"These people told me we can't see each other, not even
within a group," Riina, speaking of members of the Corso dei
Mille clan, reportedly told his girlfriend in a wiretapped
He said he was afraid of the consequences of dating her
even if his rival ended up in jail, a sign of D'Ambrogio's power
as a mafia boss, according to investigators.
When Bonsignore, his girlfriend, insisted on seeing him, he
told her "get a gun..and shoot him, it's the only solution".

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