Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Italian premier vows govt to pay businesses in the fall


Rome, July 4 - Italian Premier Enrico Letta on
Thursday said the government would focus in the autumn on paying
tens of billions of euros worth of the public administration's
overdue bills to private businesses.
Letta verbalized his commitment during a parliament summit
in Rome, government sources said.
Early last month, the Chamber unanimously passed a bill
approving payments on outstanding debts to businesses.
The bill was passed by 508 votes and should allow the
government to pay up to 40 billion euros in overdue bills by the
end of next year.
Repaying the debts has been seen as important tool in
providing the recession-plagued economy with a shot-in-the-arm
of liquidity.
Italy's industrial association Confindustria has issued
several loud calls for payment on the overdue bills to help
relieve the credit crunch that has been strangling Italian
businesses, and claims that the real total owed is actually well
over 100 billion euros.
Unblocking the public administration's payment of some 40
billion euros overdue to its suppliers was a goal set by the
former technical government led by Mario Monti.

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