Lunedì, 15 Ottobre 2018

Letta's Holy Land story 'intense' moment with Pope Francis


Vatican City, July 4 - Italian Premier Enrico
Letta said that the story of his recent trip to the Holy Land
was a particularly "intense" moment during a 30-minute meeting
with Pope Francis on Thursday.
The two exchanged gifts in the Vatican library after their
first meeting.
Letta gave the pontiff a 1571 volume of sermons by St.
Thomas Aquinas.
"I hope you like it. I believe you will be able to read
it, not just keep it," said Letta.
Pope Francis responded that it was "much appreciated".
Letta also presented the pope with an olive-wood rosary
from his trip to Israel this week.
Pope Francis gave the premier a pen fashioned after the
famous bronze canopy in St. Peter's designed by Renaissance
master Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
"Every signature is challenging," Letta said, drawing a
smile from Pope Francis.
It was their first meeting since they assumed their
respective offices this year, Francis in March and Letta in

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