Domenica, 21 Ottobre 2018

Narco-trafficking boss to be transferred to Sardinia prison


Rome, July 9 - A top-ranking narco-trafficker and
'Ndragheta mafia boss arrested in Italy will be transferred to a
prison on the island of Sardinia Tuesday, police said.
Roberto Pannunzi, also known as the 'Narco Prince' for
running the Calabrian mafia's huge cocaine traffic with
Colombia, was captured in Bogatà on Friday and swiftly expelled
to Italy where he was arrested by Italian police.
It is the third time Pannunzi has been arrested following
a 1994 prison stay and a 2004 imprisonment for a 16-year
sentence, from which he escaped in 2010.
Italian police say he is the most important drug chief in
'Ndrangheta, whose control of the European cocaine trade has
helped them overtake Cosa Nostra as Italy's richest mafia.
When he was first arrested in Medellin in 1994, Pannunzi
offered agents a million dollars in cash to let him go.
Prosecutors have asked that Pannunzi be transferred to a
high-security prison where he will be less likely to escape.

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