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Ferrero whips up recipe to beat crisis


Milan, July 11 - The Ferrero Group - makers of the
creamy hazelnut and chocolate Nutella spread, Kinder eggs and
bars and other goodies - believe that good business is built on
good values.
At the presentation of its annual Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) report presented this week, Ferrero
outlined the group's sustainability strategy and related
initiatives throughout the world.
The fourth CSR report introduced the objectives set for
2013-2020 that were developed over the 2010-2011 period.
The pillars of the group's CSR program include its
products, its foundation, social undertakings and the voluntary
'Kinder + Sport' program.
"Our secret is very simple. Passion, innovation and
ethics, which for us have an extraordinary importance. And then
we believe in the politics of doing and not in the politics of
preaching," said the CEO of Ferrero Spa, former ambassador
Francesco Paolo Fulci.
"The first column is built from our main products, which
are created out of respect for our consumers and their
"The second column is the Ferrero Foundation that takes
care of all our former employees during their lives.
"The third column consists of the Ferrero social
undertakings that contribute to the growth, health and education
of local children in Africa and Asia.
"Fourth and last column is sport, which is one of the true
ways to fight obesity".
The quality and safety of products are ensured by various
data management systems and international certifications that
secure the entire chain of production.
The report outlines the group's 10 goals based on the Ten
Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and The
OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
The first target is the development of a self-produced
energy capacity to cover the needs of European plants, 30% of
which must be from renewable sources.
It calls for a 40% reduction of CO2 emissions and a 20%
reduction of water consumption per production unity.
One hundred per cent of cocoa, palm oil and coffee supplies
must be certified as coming from sustainable sources.
By 2020, a traceability plan for 100% of hazelnuts used will
be implemented and to respect animal welfare, all of the eggs
used will come from barn hens raised in humane environments.
And the packaging will follow suit with 100% of paper and
cardboard coming from a certified sustainable supply chain.
Ferrero is firmly tied to its roots in the Piedmont town of
Alba and the activities of the Alba Foundation, which celebrated
its 30th anniversary this year.
Chaired by founder Michele Ferrero's wife Maria Franca, the
foundation is geared to the wellbeing of former employees.
With multidisciplinary activities and health care, it
provides a nursery for 80 children and promotes cultural
activities that dip into the beauty of the region.
Social activities abroad have helped created jobs in
disadvantaged areas such as India, South Africa and Cameroon by
creating position for 2,435 employees in Ferrero humanitarian
Another project, 'United Kinder of the World', drove the
renovation of a school for 1,400 children in Daleside, South
Some 80% of Ferrero products come in packaging containing
less than 45 grams and the group adheres to the European program
"Together for Preventing Infant Obesity".
To promote physical activity among young people, 'Kinder +
Sport' has been launched in 20 countries.
All of the group's actions are part of a single, wider
At the core of the company's values remains a dedication to
ethical and sustainable actions, the training of local
communities, more integrated logistics and a 'green' approach
that is clearly communicated to the consumer.
All with Italian flair.
"Ferrero will remain Italian? Absolutely...there is not the
slightest doubt," said Fulci.

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