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Family of man who died in custody meet with Attorney General


Rome, July 12 - Family members of Stefano Cucchi,
a 31-year-old surveyor's clerk who died on October 22, 2009
while in police custody, met with the supreme Cassation Court's
Attorney General on Friday to ask for the court to re-examine a
magistrate's ruling to acquit three police guards and three
nurses last month.
"We are asking for consideration and respect," Stefano's
sister Ilaria Cucchi said.
A Rome court on June 5 sentenced five doctors from Rome's
Pertini prison hospital for the death of Cucchi.
But the police guards and nurses also on trial were
"We believe that independence and autonomy of the
judiciary are sacred values to our Constitution, but should
never be used as a filter for abuse and random truths. Our legal
proceedings are watched by all. Everyone must be equal before
the law. Everyone should be called on to assume their
responsibilities. Even magistrates," Illaria said.
Hospital director Aldo Fierro was sentenced to two years,
physicians Stefania Cordi, Flaminia Bruno, Luigi De Marchis and
Silvia Di Carlo one year and four months, and staff member
Rosita Caponetti eight months.
Forensic exams filed by the prosecution reported that
Cucchi's condition was not properly treated by hospital staff
and that his death was caused by a "severe shortage of food and
Prosecutor Francesca Loy said at the June hearing that
medical staff were indifferent to the young man, a drug addict
with medical problems who had been described as grumpy and rude.
"Their shortcomings are not only negligence, but denote
their absolute indifference towards Stefano," said Loy during
An experts' report also noted that shoddy records were
kept at the Pertini prison clinic where Cucchi died, with few
notes on the victim's weight, body temperature, or heart rate
while he was a patient.
An autopsy shortly after Cucchi's death found he was
severely dehydrated and also had two broken vertebrae and
internal organ damage.
The report also said that "the traumatic injuries on
Cucchi's body correspond with both aggression and with an
accidental fall".
"My brother is dead from injustice. The doctors have to
examine their consciences, my brother would not have died
without that beating," Cucchi's sister said after the
Others present in the court shouted "killers" after the
sentence acquitting the police and nurses was read out.

(photo: Ilaria Cucchi)

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