Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Kyenge open to abolishing 'crime' of illegal immigration


Rome, July 12 - Italian Integration Minister Cecile
Kyenge told radio listeners on Friday that she was open to
assessing whether to wipe the criminal status of illegal
immigration from Italian books.
Asked on Radio 24 whether she would cancel the ''crime'' of
illegal immigration, Kyenge said she would ''evaluate the
utility, the cost-benefits for the country''.
''Local (government) administrations must make an
assessment in this sense,'' she said.
Kyenge added that determining whether a person is illegal
''must be established after verifying the facts, not before''.
Kyenge also said that citizenship in European Union
countries ''begins from an integration process for the parents
(of children) who live in a territory''.
The minister gave the example of Spain, where ''two years
residency are enough to ask for citizenship and to ensure that
the children born to couples where one of the two has resided
for at least two years, (that parent) can automatically ask
citizenship for their children when they are born''.
When asked how many years of residency would be sufficient
for Italy, Kyenge responded, ''It is too early to say''.
''In parliament there are 20 law proposals on citizenship,
that range from ius soli 'secco' to 'temperato','' the minister
said, referring to a legal stance of citizenship granted for
being born in the territory to citizenship given over time and a
process of integration.
''My proposal is a law that foresees at least five years of
residence,'' Kyenge said.
Regarding debate so far stirred by her words on
immigration, the Congo-born minister said, ''For the first time,
one will speak in Italy not only of 'ius soli' but of
citizenship in its higher sense''.

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