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Sports, food and tourism to gain from Expo 2015


(By Sandra Cordon).
Rome, July 12 – The 2015 Milan Expo will raise the
international profile not only of Italian culture, food and
business, but of sports as well, say organizers.
And the sort of global exposure the exhibition can give to
sports may further translate into greater long-term financial
support through endorsements and sponsorships, says Giuseppe
Sala, commissioner for the Expo 2015.
"We will also put sports on the Italian agenda for Expo
2015," Sala said in a recent speech to members of Italy's
national Olympic committee.
"We will build a schedule for sports enthusiasts who come
to the Expo," and improve the visibility of many sports, he
That could translate into euros and cents for sports if
sponsors of Expo 2015 see the benefits of including more
athletics and teams on their rosters, added Sala.
"We have already large companies and partners who help
provide equipment and services," said Sala.
"We can reason with our sponsors, as of today we can start
a path in common, because 2015 will be a special year for
The Milan Expo, which runs from May 1 until October 31
2015, is expected to attract more than 20 million visitors and
to be a massive money spinner for the city known as Italy's
business capital.
Preparations on a 1.1-million-square-meter site have been
underway for years.
The theme of the Expo 2015, "Feeding the Planet – Energy
for Life", centers on fighting famine and malnutrition worldwide
through sustainable and healthy development, global cooperation
and new technology.
The number of foreign delegations, heads of states,
politicians and visitors from around the world – including at
least 129 countries that have committed to participate – means
Milan will be under spotlight during the exposition.
"Think about what kind of opportunity this is for us," said
"The economic effects of Expo should continue to be felt
long after 2015," said Roberto Maroni, president of the Lombardy
region where Milan is located.
"Construction of important infrastructure now will benefit
the region for years to come.
"That includes adding to tourism infrastructure which will
be enhanced this month by a new corporation to help promote
regional tourism," said Maroni.
Italian business and political leaders are pinning their
hopes on spin-off economic benefits from Expo.
Both the Italian president and premier have made it clear
that they are counting on preparations for the Milan Expo as
well as the event itself to help kick-start the recession-hit
economy back into the black.
"This is an extraordinary opportunity for new development
in Italy, across north and south, and to overcome the crisis
we're going through and that's making things difficult for the
economy and society," President Giorgio Napolitano has said.
Premier Enrico Letta, who joined Napolitano at the Royal
Villa of Monza to launch pre-Expo events, echoed that sentiment.
"We're tying the Expo to the goal of relaunching our
country's economy, and this means everyone needs to commit,"
said the premier.
"The Expo will be the heart of the recovery, and it will
succeed as a symbol of national unity.
"For this I guarantee the total commitment of the
Italy last hosted a World's Fair in 1992 with a Christopher
Columbus-themed Expo in Genoa.
Expo 2015 is already close to hitting its target of having
130 countries sign up by the end of the year after the Comoros
Islands became the 129th last month.
Of those, 57 have already signed participation contracts
for the Milan fair.

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