Domenica, 23 Settembre 2018

Florence mayor predicts end near for Italian government


Carpi, July 15 - Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi voiced
doubt in the strength of the Italian government on Tuesday,
predicting it will soon collapse.
"I don't believe this coalition with the (center-left)
People of Freedom (PdL) party can go on for much longer," said
Renzi, a rising center-left figure, at a festival hosted by his
Democratic Party in Carpi, northern Italy.
"I wish Premier Enrico Letta well, but everyday he has to
speak with Renato Brunetta and Renato Brunetta," he added,
referring to high-ranking members in three-time premier Silvio
Berlusconi's PdL party, the natural enemy of the PD.
The coalition left-right government, which was forged after
two months of post-election parliamentary gridlock earlier this
year, is unprecedented and, by most accounts, highly volatile.
Renzi, a charismatic moderate in the PD, is touted as a
serious center-left contender for premier in the future.

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