Lunedì, 15 Ottobre 2018

Sicilian finance police stop 4 for 600,000 euro online fraud


Patti (Messina), July 15 - Sicilian finance police
discovered an online scheme that allegedly defrauded 600,000
euros from hundreds of Italians, investigators revealed on
Finance police in Patti, near the Sicilian city of Messina,
stopped four people accused of conspiring to commit fraud, abuse
of computer-system access and extortion.
The suspects allegedly solicited potential victims to pay
59.50 euros to the company Pacutti Invest and Factoring SpA,
headquartered in Patti, to have their automobiles evaluated on
the website or
After a person inserted the license-plate number and vehicle
model, the suspects were allegedly garnered their personal
information through the public automobile registration system
(PRA), to which one of the individuals had access through work
as a building-contractor.
The suspects allegedly sent the victims invoices that
claiming the company's legal seat was Delaware and its
activities managed by an Estonian company, so that any eventual
recourse should be sought in Tallin.
The alleged fraudsters made the mistake of also sending an
invoice to the Messina provincial command of the finance police.
Three people were placed under house arrest and one given

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