Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018

Mep complains that 'jokes' about race no longer allowed


Rome, July 16 - Italians are victims of political
correctness that won't allow them to "joke" about race,
complained a Northern League politician Tuesday.
In defending a colleague under fire for comparing Italy’s
first black cabinet minister Cecile Kyenge to an orangutan,
Francesco Speroni also managed to insult the minister a second
time during a radio interview.
Speroni, an Italian member of the European Parliament, told
a radio station that the minister for integration did not
resemble African American supermodel Naomi Campbell.
"Kyenge? Seems a bit different from Naomi
Campbell...shorter," said Speroni.
And he complained that white men are often teased, yet no
one can take a "joke" any more about other races.
"Take note that in Italy, you can not joke about blacks,"
he said.
Speroni spoke in defence of Northern League Senator
Roberto Calderoli, who was facing calls Tuesday for his
resignation after he likened Kyenge to an orangutan.
Several Northern League members have made offensive
comments about Kyenge since she was sworn in as part of Premier
Enrico Letta's left-right government in April.
Kyenge, a 48-year-old doctor who was born in the Democratic
Republic of Congo, moved to Italy three decades ago to study
Her appointment prompted a series of ethnic slurs from
Mario Borghezio, a member of the Northern League in the European
Parliament, who claimed Kyenge would "impose her tribal
traditions from the Congo" on Italy.
He later apologized, but the EFD Eurosceptics group in the
European Parliament kicked him out for his comments

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