Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

Italian temperature rises outstripping rest of planet


Rome, July 17 - Climate change is happening faster
in Italy than the rest of the planet, a report by the nation's
Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research
(ISPRA) said on Wednesday.
"Today the warming of the global climate system is
indisputable," read ISPRA's annual report.
"The increase in the average temperature in Italy
registered in the last 30 years has almost always been higher
than the global mean".
ISPRA said the average annual temperature rose for the 21st
consecutive year in 2012, which was the fourth hottest the
country has had since 1961.
The report said Italy's longest recession over 20 years
contributed to its carbon-dioxide emissions falling 5% in 2012
with respect to the previous year.
It added that this should enable the country to meet its
emissions commitments for the Kyoto Protocol on climate change
with a "limited effort".
The report said that urban sprawl was a huge problem in
Italy, saying that an area the size of the city of Naples is
"cemented over" every five months.

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