Mercoledì, 26 Settembre 2018

Northern mayor shot by former policeman dies


Rome, July 22 - The mayor of the northern town of
Cardano al Campo, Laura Prati, who was shot July 2 has died.
Physicians on July 10 performed six hours of emergency
surgery on Prati following a brain hemorrhage while she was
being treated in the Circolo di Varese hospital.
Prati was shot together with town's deputy mayor,
Costantino Iametti, by 49-year-old Giuseppe Pecoraro, a former
municipal policeman who had recently been transferred to an
administrative position in the city offices following fraud and
extortion probes, police said.
The man allegedly told employees to stay back then entered
Prati's office and opened fire.
He also had a stockpile of weapons and ammunition in his
car, police said.
"I have settled the scores," the man reportedly said after
the shooting before he fled to a nearby office building.
He was eventually surrounded by police who captured him
unharmed following a shoot out.
Prati's family said that her organs would be donated at her

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